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Located in North Vancouver, BC, Eurosport Imports is a very unique pre-owned exotic car dealership specializing in air-cooled 911 Porsches.  Since opening in 2002, we have had the pleasure of serving enthusiasts both locally and throughout North America, Asia, and Europe.

While our focus is on locating and reconditioning pristine classic Porsches for sale to our clients, we have access to all makes of new and used luxury and sports vehicles and work with clients to fill their every automotive need in a relaxed, friendly, and professional manner.

We are not like most dealerships, however. Due to our small size and extensive automotive experience we are able to provide first-class, highly personalized service while at the same time giving our clients excellent value for their dollar. We are able to pass on the benefits of our low-overhead operation directly to you, our valued client.

We welcome you to come visit us and experience the difference for yourself. In the meantime, please feel free to browse our Current Inventory section. We are sure to have something you’ll like, but if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get it for you. We look forward to working with you and to making your automotive dreams a reality in the near future.


What is the major advantage of buying a vehicle from Eurosport Imports as opposed to buying from a regular dealership?

What sets Eurosport Imports apart from others is not just the unique and personalized buying experience we offer our clients and, of course, our competitive pricing due to our lower overhead, but more importantly the difference lies in the quality of the vehicles we sell. Each unit is truly one-of-a-kind. It is hand-picked by us and must meet our very high quality standards. But we don't stop there. Each and every Porsche is thoroughly inspected and reconditioned both mechanically and cosmetically by qualified Porsche specialists.

In addition to maintaining a good inventory of top quality air-cooled 911s, we offer a vehicle locating service whereby our clients are able to tell us exactly what their wishes are and we will do our best to locate a vehicle for them using our extensive resources and global connections.

Why buy an air-cooled 911 as opposed to a similarly priced new sports car or other classic car?

Why a 911, you ask? Well, there are many, many reasons, both emotional and logical, why you should consider such a vehicle for yourself. Before we touch briefly on these reasons, however, ask yourself why a 20-year-old Porsche 911 is worth as much as eight 20-year old Jaguars, six 20-year-old BMWs or four 20-year-old Mercedes-Benzes. Is there something special about 911s that their owners keep secret? Definitely. And once you’ve experienced one for yourself I’m sure you’ll be under the 911 spell as well. 911's are wonderful to look at and incredibly fun to drive. But this is only part of the reason they are so desirable. These cars, which have been steadily appreciating in value over the last few years, can make great investments which also make financial sense to own and to operate; they are well-built, very reliable, and well-suited to daily use.

Let’s look at the emotional aspect first, which I’m sure all car enthusiasts can relate to. The air-cooled 911 Porsche is a very, very special car. There is just nothing else out there that comes close; it offers an automotive experience that no other car can match. The way a classic 911 looks, sounds, and feels is beyond words. Its high performance boxer engine, aerodynamic contours, and timeless elegance are all hallmarks of the individuality of this unique automobile. And in this day and age of complex, bland and sedate vehicles that drive themselves and all look the same, the simplicity, uniqueness and panache of a classic 911 is very refreshing. These cars have personality; they are in a realm of their own.

A little known fact is that 911's also make logical sense to own. They are relatively economical to operate and built to last. With robust engine, chassis, and body technology that has evolved over many years of testing and development these Porsches are solid, highly competent, very reliable vehicles that can be driven on a daily basis regardless of weather or traffic conditions. They are simple to work on and have very low maintenance requirements, requiring a service only once per year (remember there is no cooling system to worry about!).

Clearly, it is no surprise that values of air-cooled 911's are so high and are continuing to rise year after year. A 911 represents a solid automotive investment. Consider this: You could go out and buy a used NIssan 350Z for $30,000. In five years it will be worth perhaps half that much—a $15,000 loss to you. Alternatively, you could enjoy a $30,000 Porsche 911 for five years and not lose a dime (that is, if you are able to part with your baby afterwards….) or perhaps even make some money if trends continue and these cars continue to appreciate in value. Which scenario do you prefer?

If it makes so much sense to drive a 911, you may ask, then why don’t more people drive them? The answer is simple. The demand for these cars is high, but the supply of quality, well documented, original cars is almost nonexistent. There are many, many people wanting a pristine 911 that are waiting for the right one. We at Eurosport Imports always have a good supply of air-cooled 911s in stock, and if we don’t have your dream car currently, give us a call and we will try our best to locate it for you. Classic 911s are our specialty.

Do you offer warranties on your vehicles?

All new vehicles we source for our clients come with full factory warranties as offered by their manufacturers. For late model pre-owned vehicles, various warranty options are available. Please contact us for more details as these will vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on age, mileage, etc.

Although warranties are not available on our classic 911's due to their age, we go to great lengths to ensure that they are sound in every way. Every vehicle is thoroughly inspected and reconditioned by qualified Porsche technicians both mechanically and cosmetically. This is the only way to purchase a classic 911.

Do you offer leasing and financing on your vehicles?

We do not do in-house leasing and financing, but we are able to provide you with various leasing/financing options through various banks and independent leasing companies. Depending on the vehicle and your financial history, leasing may be a viable option and we are connected with specialists who are prepared to work with you to custom-tailor a program that will suit your needs. See us for details.

Do you offer maintenance services?

No, but we work together with top local Porsche specialists and would be pleased to give you advice on your servicing needs. Please ask us as we can refer you to some excellent local repair facilities which we have come to know and trust.

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